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Employee rights and obligations

Rights of employees

In our field of work we often see controversial situations between employers and employees. In some cases, it turns out that there is no unfair treatment, only a misunderstanding due to inexact agreements, or misinterpreted employee status. To avoid annoyance, unnecessary legwork and stressful situations with employers or colleagues, it is important to be aware of employee rights and obligations.

As a first step, it is crucial to understand how the employment system works.

Employee rights are fundamentally determined by law, but can significantly be influenced by employment category and the agreement with the employer. Agreements, however, cannot shorten rights provided by law, but may, in some cases, on the basis of employee's stipulation, delay them.

Generally applicable employee rights are difficult to list without mentioning all the exceptions, since every employee group has its unique set of rights.

General rights can be summarised as below:

And moreover, the following:

It is possible, however, that the employer determines a certain time period after which the above listed rights are applicable.

In addition, if the employer wants to provide more benefits than that determined by law, for example a longer notice period or more paid holidays, of course, he or she is free to do so. However, it must be ensured that these points are incorporated in the agreement, preferably in writing.

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