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General information on self-employment

Self-employment is the simplest way in the UK to start a legal business. It is transparent, and requires minimal administration.

Recently, however, not only new business starters come across this concept, but also those who are "employed" by self-employed entrepreneurs, i.e. subcontractors.

Consequently, it is often unclear if someone is employed as employee or self-employed.

The self-employed registration process

Before you register yourself, it is worth considering if it is really the self-employed status you need for your activities. To decide, we can assist you with useful information during a consultation via phone or, by appointment, in person.

Prior to registration, please be sure to check payment and other obligations associated with this status.

If you choose to meet in person, you can sign the necessary documents and pay the service fee. Registration takes place after this.

We can also answer your questions via phone, in case you think that a face to face meeting is not necessary, or if it is difficult to attend because you live far away.

In the latter case, please send us an email with the data needed for sending the document package:

Based on these, we compile and send you a set of documents you need to sign. Once you send us back the signed versions and pay the service fee, and the authorization we sent is processed, we register you.

UTR number

UTR is the abbreviation of Unique Taxpayer Reference. The number is needed for those who pay their own tax (self-assessment), including self-employed entrepreneurs.

A letter containing the UTR number is sent as the last step of the registration process. The National Tax Authority (HMRC) does that within 2-12 weeks after the registration. However, even though it takes quite a while to receive the number, you are able to issue invoices from the date of registration.

További lehetőségek

A self – employed státusz előnyei és hátrányai:

  • Rugalmas munkaidőbeosztás
  • Mindenki önmaga főnöke
  • Küldhető más önmaga helyett a munkavégzésre
  • Általában magasabb órabér
  • Nincs fizetett szabadság
  • Önmagának kell gondoskodnia az adóbevallásról
  • Önmaga után fizeti az adót és az NI-t
  • Kiszámíthatatlan jövedelemforrás
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