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The advantages and disadvantages of an Ltd

Many people have the option to choose between being an employee or being self-employed, and naturally, they want to know which one is "better". Well, the answer to this question is not simple, as different statuses come with their specific advantages and disadvantages. So choosing the right status really depends on individual situations and workplaces. In addition, much will depend on the future profile of the company, the expected revenue, profit amount, etc...

Furthermore, there are specific instances when the employee status should be weighed against the advantages and disadvantages of an Ltd, which brings along yet another perspective.

Therefore, the following list should not be considered as generally valid; it is more of a guideline.

This section is not intended to provide all the details of each point in the list, however, once you read through the "employee" and "self-employed" pages, you will have a better understanding of which status is more appropriate for you.


The advantages and disadvantages of an Ltd


The advantages and disadvantages of self-employed status

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